If Attraction Marketing Is So Great Then…

Why is the divorce rate so high? It really makes you wonder what all the buzz about attraction marketing is about.

One of my former uplines, used to talk about prospecting and relating it to courting. Which really makes sense when you think about it!

When you first begin to date someone you are in essence putting on the sales presentation…

…You’re selling yourself to your prospective spouse. You’re trying to present to them why you’re the best candidate for the job out of the millions of other suitable candidates, right?

It’s ironic that the U.S. leads the world in the number of divorces. If you look at the numbers provided by the CDC it is roughly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.

Marriages fail for a variety of reasons, and one cause you’ll hear is we just grew apart…

…The attraction was no longer there!

So what does this mean when used as a network marketing method, should it even be used in network marketing?

Over the years I’ve often gotten the question, “how do I attract smart, professional people to my business opportunity?”

That should be very easy for anyone to see yet, if you stop and look at who you associate with and what you’re offering as a business opportunity it should be self-evident!

There is one group in particular who over the course of the years I’ve found them to be scrapers. In the past they’ve stolen content from not only my websites but others as well.

And, as you could guess that it they type of individuals they attract to themselves. You attract what you are, that’s just natural.

Today, everyone is using the buzz word “You Inc.” They have been instructed to brand themselves, it’s only natural.

There is no doubt in my opinion they got this phrase from one of Leaders Clubs training audios called “Promote Yourself First!”

Yet, the way they promote it and put it into use clearly shows they never understood the concept. Which leads them to question why their prospects just don’t get it!

Here is a video to give you more insight:

Let’s face it prospects are just not that into you, they could really careless about you!

And, if they do fall for your attraction the majority will leave just as soon as they discover it’s really all about you and not them!

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