If It Is Not Yours, Then Who’s Responsibility Is It?

I was doing a little light reading the other day, when I came across a post that essentially said “personal responsibility” was not essential to your network marketing success. The author indicated it was a good thing “personal responsibility” but not a sufficient thing for big success.

The author referenced, top network marketing people that bumped into someone and that was what was responsible for their success. In all fairness not knowing all the details, I still find that hard to believe.

It could be that it was their leadership and belief in an individual that drove them to even greater success then they would have otherwise attained.

If you’re under the belief that if “I could only find the right people,” I would be more successful you could be waiting all your life looking for them. It is our own personal action and responsibility that will determine our success or failure in this industry, especially when view by others. This is just one of the many reasons people fail in network marketing!

Think about it for a minute, when it comes to customers or downline retention whose responsibility is it? If I fail to follow-up with them and they leave is it right that I blame someone else, while failing to look at my own shortcomings for not taking responsibility for my own actions?

Often things are outside of our control, or in other words outside our circle of influence. I remember getting phone calls after the election results where in from people wanting to quit their business, to just give up on their dreams.

In an election all we can do is vote our conscience, if we don’t get the results we where hoping for, all is not lost. A good friend of mine “Steve” sent me a book, maybe he felt I needed it. It is a very quick read at only 115 pages.

Yet in these pages, it really drove home how we respond to changing world. The book is called:

The Question Behind The Question

Practicing Personal Accountability At Work and in Life.

What to Really Ask Yourself

Eliminate Blame, Complaining, and Procrastination.

You can find this hard cover book at Amazon, Just do a search for QBQ.

As I read through this book, it brought back memories to my 27 years working in aviation. How at many times this book described not only my response but also those around me as well to a changing schedule.

We are all in business for a reason; you have to decide what that reason is. From watching years of mistakes, I learned a valuable lesson that many will never grasp. Word of mouth or referral marketing is one of the most effective method of growing your business, yet if your customers do not trust you, what are your chances of getting a new customer referred to you or keeping the ones you have?

Start taking responsibility by implementing your customer service – retention plan Today!

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