If You Do Not Watch It Time Moves Quickly

Wow, where does the time go. I realized I hadn’t written a post here in a little over a month, as I was exploring the idea of moving this site to a new platform.

During this discovery phase it brought out many questions – the “Pro’s” and “Con’s” of doing it. And more specifically which platform to utilize!

One nagging factor is what will the change do to the search engine rankings. Will it have a positive or negative affect on the site.

Over half of this website was built with Dreamweaver, while the blog section is done with WordPress utilizing the Thesis theme. Wanting to consolidate the site into one cohesive unit seems like it should be easy.

But, that is where the decision gets tougher. Do it all in WordPress or move the site to Drupal. Using the Thesis theme to build any WordPress site is really a smart move.

Yet, WordPress has it’s limitations when it comes to plugin support…

…Now I know many of you will disagree with that statement, yet Drupal does have far better long term support for its modules etc…

Ah, decisions, decisions, what would you do it you wanted to keep your network marketing site ranking well?

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