Ineffective Email Marketing!

Each year starts out nice, we have new people coming into network marketing everyday. One of the things I don’t look forward to is, receiving unsolicited emails like this:


I am contacting you to find out how this differs from what I do. If you can take a look at the video and give me an honest opinion of what you believe is better I would appreciate that and why. I love what I do I just believe in possible branching out in more areas if it is some how better than what I already do. In other words, there may just be something out there better. My websites are as follows:

XXX.XXXX.XXX The video is inside the opportunity link and then on the left hand side. This shows and tells what I do.

My website is:


Thanks for your information upfront.


Many people are taught by their upline and company to just got out and spam everyone that is already in business, too look for the heavy hitters and you’ll explode your business.

This brings up the question, why would I join Sam? A review of the web sites found nothing but company information. Even the About Us page had nothing on it but a contact form.

So who is this person does she have any credibility in network marketing? The email is when you stop to analyze it indicates that this person would jump to the very next opportunity that came along. You know the grass is always greener on the other-side of the fence.

To make effective sales in this business of network marketing your prospect or customers has to become part of the sales process.

It is up to them to request information or show an interest!

Often marketers assume that you’re naturally going to be interested in their product, service or business opportunity.

If you want to be productive in your marketing then here are a few simple rules:

1. Have a Web site that shows your personal information. Let people get to know you first.

2. Use some form of marketing material that would appeal to your target market.

3. Use a reliable email service like Aweber, when used in conjunction with your marketing material it can become very effective.

4. If I didn’t request it don’t send it as it’s now considered SPAM.

Network Marketing should be about gathering new customers and downline

members. It should not be about trying to pull people from other companies into your business opportunity or affiliate program.

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