The Internet And Network Marketing

Combining the internet with network marketing, everyone is promoting right? Yet, from all this free advice out there how many have actually been successful with it?

Finding success on the internet requires extreme patience, the one thing that most of us including myself lack.

I was reading an article from Bob Bly today, titled “What You Know Can Make You Richer.”

In the article it pointed out some very specific reasons why so many fail, and I see this all the time.

Bob pointed out that in order to succeed as an internet marketers you need two things:

A. The ability to write.

B. Something to write about.

He also pointed out that you’d need another thing, as he said to be fair

C. how to market, promote, and sell yourself.

This was where the article got interesting, as he said and many of us know. Most of us can do A, and C can be learned. Leaders club has been teaching marketers for the past 16 years.

So when it comes to the internet and network marketing we have wannabe gurus, who’ve read everything about until they can about the subject.

So we are back to who do you trust for advice? A wannabe guru whose never actually done it or someone who has?

I guess what I’m trying to say here is approach internet network marketing advice with a high degree of skepticism.

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  • Glenn Apr 13, 2010 @ 7:44

    Actually knowledge is not quite as important as action is. Without the action part knowledge is, well just wasted.

  • bestmlm Apr 13, 2010 @ 7:07

    Thanks for sharing Glen. I agree with you that Knowledge is the most important if we need to succeed in Network Marketing so we need coach (Guru) who can teach us the real knowledge.

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