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There aren’t many jobs or industries that truly offer an equal opportunity for all. Yet this is exactly what network marketing does. I am Andre Vatke and I’ll be your host for this empowering free video series called 52 network marketing tips.

I’ve been involved in network marketing for over 20 years and for the bulk of that time I’ve seen people needlessly spinning their wheels.  Wasting their money and failing to create the kinds of businesses they initially set out to build.

The problem isn’t the information on to how to succeed isn’t there

…in fact it’s the opposite. There’s so much information on how to succeed in network marketing and so many opinions that it’s hard to know whom you can really trust.

52 network marketing tips is your opportunity to cut past the hype, to cut passed the sales pitch and tap into the most proven scientific advice on what works and what doesn’t.

You see since 1994 Leaders club has invested millions of dollars in the testing marketing methods, prospecting approaches, and leadership models.

And we’ve guided hundreds of leaders with sound marketing and leadership strategies. And we’ve helped thousands and thousands beat the industry odds and actually turned their businesses into an income source, rather than just an expense.

What we’ve done through these videos is sifted through our archive over 500 hours of audio and video training. Through our marketing surveys and through real-world case studies and we’ve compiled some of the most important advice we’ve ever given out.

What you won’t get are stories

…about insanely expensive sports cars, or lavish vacation homes that permeate a lot of the marketing you see for network marketing programs.

I’m not going to take you on a tour of my golf course home or show you how fast my Audi goes. To be frank, the real role models in network marketing aren’t the extraordinary successes.

Rather it’s those who built their business by design

…in a way that you can duplicate. Like the high school teacher in Washington state, that earns an extra $1800 a month.

Giving him and his two kids the ability to hang out all summer camping and horseback riding rather than having to get a summer job to help pay the bills.

It’s the delivery driver in North Carolina that earns over $4500 a month without leaving home.  And it’s the laid-off office manager Minnesota that was working at Home Depot just to make ends meet now earning over $8000 a month.

Extraordinary success is possible in network marketing

…but there are quite a few other steps that have to be passed on the way. You don’t simply go from nothing to driving AMG Mercedes by clicking on a button or by simply dreaming about it.

You gotta do something, not just anything, you gotta do something right. Here at Leaders club we’ve dedicated our existence to revealing how simple building a network marketing business really can be.

There are only a few basic principles that you really need to apply it in these 52 tips you’re gonna see these principles applied over and over and over.

So why are we making all this available for free? Well frankly were tired of seeing people fail. And were tired of seeing our entire industry, repeatedly drug through the mud as a result of misguided and even unethical marketing.

When was the last time you were proud

…to say you are involved in network marketing? Whether it’s a well-intentioned upline. Or somebody looking to help their downline.

Or if it’s a deliberate predator, selling the idea that their system can somehow deliver success with the click of a mouse.

Plain truth is that most of the advice on marketing success is not based on reality or on really what makes a network marketing business work long-term.

I think you find what you learn in these videos to be refreshingly logical and based on common sense. These videos are for those people who want to be empowered with a sense of direction.

Leaders Club’s not offering you charity, I’m not going to personally build your business for you, we both know that’s a dead end and is not gonna work.

But in these videos I can’t help you. I can guide you, if you will, to avoid the big pitfalls. to make smart decisions and produce real results.

When you stack enough smart decisions together you going to create the kind of business that you intended to from the very beginning so let’s get started. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Published with permission from my dear old friend Andre Vatke (President LeadersClub)

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