Is It The Quantity Or The Quality Of Traffic?

It seems like not a day goes by that I don’t receive an email from someone (generally spam) offering what they call really good traffic generation techniques.

While some are good the vast majority of them are outright schemes. No doubt if your in network marketing or have a home business you’ve received a few of these as well.

We all want lots of traffic to our sites just like any business wants lots of customer walking through their doors. And this holiday season coming up I’m sure many business are praying it happens.

Yet, there is a distinct difference between a network marketing business and a traditional business with a fixed location.

In a traditional business hopefully they are advertising or their location provides them with then necessary foot traffic of interested shoppers.

Yet, those of us who are network marketing we seldom have people walking through our door with the goal of buying one of our products.

In fact the majority of us are window shoppers or today we are more browser shoppers, with no commitment to buy anything and we are gone within seconds if you don’t deliver.

Today many individuals are using social media, they are using the scatter gun approach. Follow as many people as you can, get them to follow you then each of you advertises to the other.

My Good friend Andre Vatke created a video earlier this year that really helped explain who your Target Market is!

“Target Market” Explained For Home Based Business
& Network Marketing (MLM) – Using Paintball

Watch the video above and tell me your thoughts on Target Marketing and how would it affect your business if you where more focused.

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