Maintain A Balanced Approach To Marketing.

When it comes to network marketing, far to many marketers take a one sided approach, it’s either all or nothing. Just because someone tells you that all the fish are in one location, are they really there or is it an illusion?

Since you are running your business, you alone are in control of your own marketing. How many methods do you employ daily to reach your target market? Do you rely on just one method, throwing out a cast net hoping to ensnare your share of the market?

Today there are so many methods you can and should employ. You can do online, offline, warm market, cold market, pay-per-click advertising, television, radio, and many other methods. So why restrict yourself to one form of marketing?

I wrote a post back in February, Is Microsoft on to something. After years of being the eight hundred pound gorilla, their market share was declining. Finally, they announced the action they where going to be taking to prevent this erosion in market share.

While they where employing multiple methods, along with having a pretty captive customer base, they where missing one ingredient! This one ingredient, is so important, the human element.

Many network marketers are so focused on just one element that they tend to forget everything else in marketing. Or maybe they are being taught to focus on just this aspect of marketing?

Yesterday while working here in my office, I watched an individual ask several questions on Twitter. After a while I guess he became a little frustrated since no one responded to him. His first series of questions was about a free software package, and how to create links. Since I didn’t know the software, I didn’t respond.

When he announced his site was updated, I looked at it and provided feed back as much as 140 characters would allow. It is not a very effective communications medium for such a complicated response. Turns out that I was the only one to even respond to him!

The point is, are you marketing within a medium, where everyone is just broadcasting, and no one is really listening? A video was sent to me over the weekend, which I thought was quite funny and really illustrated the point “Is anybody really listening on Twitter?”

The real issues are everyone is so focused, that they are missing the big picture, maintaining a balanced approach to marketing. No one likes working network marketing leads, yet it is a large part of this business.

The choice is simple you can focus on just one or two methods, and pray for network marketing success. Or you can learn how to employ multiple methods, then take action and implement them!

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