Majority Of Resources On Twitter Are Junk

Observing Twitter and what individuals are posting as resources what I’m finding is really a lot of junk. Most of it would never see the light of day, if someone had not posted it on Twitter. The majority of this deals with websites and blogging.

I learned a long time ago that you have to wade through a bunch of this crap to find anything of useful value. If there is one secret to search engine success it is developing the skills to know what is good material and what is a total waste of time.

Everyone should know by now that a website – blog needs content that is what people search for in the first place right? Many people post the same free SEO information again, trying to appear knowledgeable about the subject, yet they’ve never had a website in the top ten or even close to it.

With more people trying to build a business the cheapest way possible they will take any information that promises to do it. If you want to build a successful website, then you need to listen to those who’ve done it.

Yesterday, someone posted a tweet, that indicated this other persons success came primarily from his following on twitter. If you dug beneath the surface, this person was successful long before they came to twitter.

Now here is a thought, why would they tell you this is, then continue to spend five to six thousand a month on advertising on Google? Could they be doing this to reduce their competition, generate far more qualified prospects, decrease their cost per click while increasing their ROI.

So while you’re generating clicks and maybe one or two actual prospects per month they are generating hundreds. So do you like picking up the scraps, that could be all your generating. Out of 100 tweets on Twitter with most of the individuals in network marketing 80% of them are blatant ads.

The rest is a mixture of what am I doing now too providing references to useless posts that help no one at all. While there are literally millions of people on social sites, the bulk of them are not a prospect.

Before you provide a reference on a site, make sure it is actually good material. If you don’t know whether it is, then don’t post it! It’s that simple! Before you re-tweet something, actually check it out. Re-tweeting garbage is just like sending forwarding chain-mail letters.

1) There are no secrets. At least 98% of you might

want to know about marketing and business

success is out there on the Internet. Much of this

information is free. That’s the YIN.

2) But there is a YANG. The yang is, knowing

which of the free advice is good and which is bad,

and which applies to you right now, is a steep


Case in point: Your email is flooded with perfectly

good advice from all kinds of people. Only 1% of

it applies to you RIGHT NOW. — Perry Marshall

If you really want good information, get away from the network marketing crowd, you’ll spend less time wading through crap! Not everyone in network marketing puts out junk, some actually provide great information.

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