Making Sense Out Of Adsense

Google recently announced a decrease in adsense revenue. Is it the U.S. / Global economy that caused this decline?

You would think that more people would be searching and generating even more income for them?

Since I write about network marketing, it only makes sense “no pun intended” to have adsense ads running. I finally decided, to stop running them.

No matter how much I tried to optimize the sites, by following their recommendations. All I would get are the same, negative, hype-filled advertisers using redirects to the same affiliate programs.

I finally got tired of blocking advertisers based on their inflammatory, derogatory ads they are running.

Advertising on the internet has turned into a literal zoo. With each advertiser trying to out hype the other.

My guess is that Google’s customers, the searchers are getting tired of this type of ad as well, so they are not clicking on them.

Web-masters are tired, of seeing the ads on their content pages so their pulling the ads off until this mess is cleaned up and some semblance of normalcy returns.

Unless those web-masters are there just for the adsense revenue…

…with no real concern for their site visitors?

Either way it will be interesting to see how the changes they will apply at the end of March 2008 clean this up.

Then maybe I can bring back relevant advertisers to my sites, after all it is all about the visitors experience!

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  • Andre Vatke Mar 16, 2008 @ 13:51

    Great post Glenn. There’s a big blind spot most of the traffic guru’s are ignoring and that is…

    traffic does not equal income.

    I think most people understand that just posting an article, website or even a YouTube video does not automatically mean that people will read it or watch it. In fact the clear reality is that while information is growing almost exponentially online, most of it is ignored, buried or lost in the shuffle.

    What most people have not considered is that if and when you do have traffic – a click on an ad, a video of a video or a hit on your web page – that by itself means nothing. It’s only a beginning. And in the wonderful online world, the everyday reality is that you can literally have thousands of views on an item and not generate a single lead much less a sale.

    So while people can tell you anything they want, watching what Google is doing with regard to AdSense and AdWords give you a better insight into what is really happening online. The enthusiastic bubble of online ad spending won’t continue without relevance. Google knows it and smart marketers understand it and embrace it as it make us all more successful.

    – Andre Vatke

  • Glenn Mar 16, 2008 @ 14:29

    Great Insight Andre! I often get the proverbial email to get ten’s of thousands of hits to my web sites.

    I received an email today, to advertise over on exact seek. They where pointing out how cost effective it was and did not have the 20 to 30% click fraud that Adwords has.

    Personally I don’t believe there is that much going on. More like new marketers trying to figure out how to write ads that get results.

    And probably much more by the other advertisers trying to drain the marketing budget of others for their own gain.

    Still much has to be done, and I’m glad they are stepping up to the challenge.


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