Marketings Constant Change

If there is one thing in online marketing today it is the fact that it is always in a constant state of change. By the time most people find out what works, it’s changed.

For example, for quite awhile we’ve had pretty much a free run on Twitter when it comes to advertising and promoting businesses.

As Twitter begins it’s rollout of advertising there should be no doubt that your competitors (everyone else in network marketing) will be competing with you.

Yet, one thing is for certain…

…The fundamentals of network marketing never do, which is prospecting!

The one fundamental most network marketers continue to struggle with. Prospecting is not taught in schools, yet it is something you learned and lost during your childhood.

As a child you would never take no as the final answer from your parents when you saw something you really wanted!

If you where like me you where passionate and driven, the word no was not in your vocabulary. You would explore every angle to convince them, and try to close the sale.

Yet, after a few hundred thousand noes, we would eventually give up. As the noes begin to out weigh the yeses we lost our drive and that early experience as a budding salesman.

Today if you want to succeed in network marketing you have to rekindle that drive and passion you once had. You will have to learn again how to prospect.

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