Is Microsoft On To Something, Could It Apply To You?

I like to consider myself a student of marketing, always observing what is going on in both the network marketing world and traditional brick and mortar businesses. Over the weekend, I read with great interest a news story announcing Microsofts plans for the future.

There is no doubt in my mind that we can learn so much from observing, yet putting it into action is where it’s at! So what was the announcement?

In a news article from InformationWeek they announced that Microsoft Plans a Global Retail Chain. For years they’ve had a virtual monopoly, when it came to personal computers. Yet slowly over time many other systems have steadily eroded that lead.

There biggest competitor no doubt is Apple, which in many ways is an unfair comparison. Apple produces both the hardware and software for their systems. This makes their job much easier when it comes to what really matters for any company, customer support.

Apples retail stores was ingenious when it comes to marketing. You could schedule an appointment, learn about the computers, the operating system in a warm friendly environment. It’s no doubt that Microsoft is taking their cue from Apple and I’m glad to see it.

So How Does this apply to a Network Marketer

For years no doubt they sat back and relied on you chasing them, novel idea. As they waited, people where finding other products and services and gravitating towards them. It was this face to face action that was driving sales, that traditional forms of advertising where now having a hard time to overcome.

If you’ve ever read the book The Business School By Robert Kiyosaki, whether you like him or not is irrelevant he brings out some good points that could be of use to you. In chapter, seven he talks about value #5 Developing your most important business skill!

What is it? It’s the ability to sell! This is a skill set sorely lacking in network marketing, why no one wants to sell, we are so afraid of rejection we refuse to do it. The point is if you ever hope to be successful this is the one skill you must develop.

Scheduling an appointment at an Apple Store, is a great experience in salesmanship, something I’m sure that Microsoft will be implementing. Not knowing what training Apple uses, I’m left to surmise from the experience it is a consultative approach, something Leadersclub has been teaching network marketers for years!

Addressing the critical issues your customer is trying to fix or avoid leads to greater sales and repeat sales. With Microsoft’s new stores coming, I see challenges coming that they no doubt will be able to overcome. One will be finding the right type of employee, one with sales skills with a strong customer focus.

After all they have produced great products over they years, now it’s time to focus on the customer experience!