MonaVie launches new web site Global “Free Agent” Initiative.

On April Second MonaVie put out a press release through PRWeb Really to announce this site. Open Door Campaign Which you can really tell they just threw it together quickly after after being sued by Quixtar.

Granted everyone has the right as an independent to quit any company they choose. Yet there are a few companies that do place restrictions on them. In reality this is nothing new it’s been done for years in the business world.

I’ve been witness just the opposite when a group cried they where wrongfully terminated when they launched their very own program in direct competition with their then current company.

I really doubt that this new Open Door Campaign will do much for anyone as their is always quite a few distortions to the actual truth that will always require legal action at one point or another.

Really how many of you actually read the agreements before you sign the dotted line? My guess is very few of you have.

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  • Anonymous Apr 6, 2008 @ 9:39

    New distributors REALLY should read their policies & procedures. Unfortunately, this SOUND business practice is not emphasized by the majority…and especially not by the “hitters” or “leaders” of an mlm.

    I’ve read Monavie’s policies & procedures. They allow you to participate in other network marketing companies but can ONLY sponsor Monavie distributors that you personally sponsor. I agree with this because they are a binary comp plan…I don’t want people trying to sponsor my personally sponsored into another mlm.

    However, Monavie goes on to tighten this rule by saying a distributor cannot sponsor those you personally sponsor into an mlm that competes in the same “generic” product category as Monavie.

    So much for open door! Unless of course Monavie modifies their P&P and removes this verbiage allowing sponsorship into another mlm in the same category…we’ll see.

  • Anonymous Apr 6, 2008 @ 10:00

    You imply here that distributors are ignorant of the rules and regulations of the company. However, what you fail to mention is those distributors that have been around for several years and have built business’s in the six figure income thus replacing the income from thier jobs and allowing them to retire. Maybe you are not aware that at the time these distributors began these rules did not even exist but were added over the course of a few years. Now what? Walk away from your bread and butter for your family to what? They haven’t practiced law, medicine, accounting,etc, etc for years! Should they not renew their contracts annually because Quixtar/Amway slowly changed the rules on them? This has nothing to do with the people. Their hands were tied. The only guilty party here is Quixtar/Amway. Money got to them and they lost their integrity. These people are not ignorant. They did not enter into these contracts originally. The contract were changed on them over a period of years.

  • Glenn Apr 6, 2008 @ 10:27

    Wow two anonymous replies. The facts are many distributors are ignorant of the rules within their own companies.

    The intent of this post was to highlight the fact that many don’t read them or even keep up with their companies policies and rules.

    If at anytime, the company rules have changed to where you no longer find them acceptable you have the right to leave said company.

    You should not face the threat of a lawsuit from the company you are leaving.

    Companies do stupid things all the time, after all it’s only people running them.

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