Moving NMW’s Blog To Thesis For WordPress

After careful deliberation I finally decided to move my network marketing blog over to the WordPress Thesis theme.

I still have some reservations as to how well it will work it is a flexible design with a lot of support.

Previously I had used a Revolution theme, which was nice, and I had highly modified it. Still it’s always fun to give a site or blog a new face lift every now and then.

With the ability to change the layout quickly and easily from content left sidebars right, to a sidebar on each side of the content, or content on the right with both sidebars to the left just by selecting the appropriate option.

Changing just about anything is simple without having to go into the CSS files to change font style and or font size. So it really could live up to the statement of being the last WordPress theme you may ever need.

Before moving the blog here at Network Marketing Works to Thesis, I updated my home business site with the Thesis for WordPress template. One of the concerns with the introduction of anything major to any website is how it will affect your search engine rankings.

With my home business site I found virtually no change, which is good. Although it could also be that the site is fairly old and quite stable even though it is neglected. Moving to Thesis also means that we can discontinue the use of some plugins.

When it comes to network marketing or home business categories there is stiff competition. You need every advantage that you can get, while the theme is good, there are still a few things you need to take care of in order to really optimize it properly.

I have found one strange issue that will need troubleshooting, it is when previewing your posts in Marsedit. Marsedit is probably one of the best pieces of software you can have for blogging with a Mac.

The theme here and on my other site, have a few extra modifications that can be found, if you know what to look for in the Thesis forum. Items like adding additional sidebars and drop down menus.

If you’re looking for a good WordPress theme for your network marketing or home business site, well really any site for that matter Thesis for WordPress will fit the bill.

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