The Mythical Exclusive Network Marketing Lead?

One of the questions I often, get from people is I want to generate my own leads that will be exclusive to me. You can generate your own, but you must understand that they will never be exclusively yours!

This may have been the case 10 to 20 years ago, if lived in a very small town and you where the only one to offer a particular product or service there. Today the internet has made exclusivity just another fairy tale, most companies and savvy marketers know this!

Yet, when it comes to leads we have companies that, state their leads are sold only one time, how do you know? Is it because they’ve stated this on their web site?

Anyone can write anything they want on a web site, provide facts and figures etc… But how do you really know its true?

Do you have anyway to verify this statement as factual? What do they do with that so called exclusive network marketing lead, after they have sold it to you? Do they delete these leads from their database never to be sold again or do they re-surface again 4 months later? Call me a skeptic, but we just don’t know!

Today we have so much power when it comes to when and where we spend our money that we did not have just a few short years ago. Within just a few minutes of searching we can locate almost any product or service we want, and at a price we want to pay for it.

Today you can buy leads or generate your own; it does not mean you will be successful with them. I used to laugh when I would read the ads “Leads Suck,” in other words, the individual running the ads whether they knew it or not where really saying “People Suck!

Now that is a pretty harsh statement but what do you think a lead is? With that type of attitude, it is no wonder they failed miserably or in essence where attracting the wrong type of people to their business. If you are a student of marketing and pay close attention, you will notice a trend, very few individuals are still advertising within a month or so after starting with one of these systems.

Fact is most only last a few weeks at best, trying to generate their own leads before they expend their marketing budget. So they end right where they started from, not enough people to talk to on a consistent basis. In December there was a good article Search Success In A Tough Economy that really brings into the lime-light what system owners are not telling you!

Is it important to talk to people on a consistent basis?

Absolutely, the challenge is in talking to not only enough of the right kind of people, those who are actually seeking an opportunity and doing it on a consistent basis. This consistency is necessary, in-order to develop and hone our skills as we go through the prospecting process. Yet most people will give up or run out of money trying to generate exclusive prospects that still will not join their business.

Then human nature kicks in and we want to blame someone, anyone, especially a lead company if we are buying leads with statements like they sell crappy leads. What if it was one of your own self-generated exclusive network marketing leads, and they don’t jump at the chance to join your business, who do you place blame on then? In reality how can we blame anyone or anything for our inability to connect with people?

What we really must know is at what point in the sales – prospecting process did everything fall apart, and how do I fix it! You cannot get this from any e-book or course as each situation will be different, your dealing with real people. This is why, I have been a member of Leaders Club for over six years, and recommend it here on this site.

I can work their leads or my ownthere really isn’t a whole lot of difference,” after all your not chasing me right now are you, so much for that law of attraction? Where their strength lies, is in giving unbiased answers and solutions to my prospecting questions, during the live training calls, and the private mastermind forum. They do what other success programs and no course can do and that is work with you to troubleshoot and solve any prospecting, marketing and leadership challenges you may meet with along the way.

In January 2009 Leaders Club brought out a new leads package of 3 daily super premium leads to compliment their 5 daily and 10 daily package, if your doing everything correctly anything more then 3 a day can be a handful. Now these leads are not exclusive “remember it’s just a myth,” yet I know I can get 3 leads 7 days a week that have filled out the following information for far less then I would have to spend daily on pay-per-click advertising;

  • Best time to call:
  • Reason for wanting to start a business:
  • How Soon they want to start:
  • Available investment:
  • Most important element desired in a business:

The same kind of information anyone would want to receive on your own lead capture page. Yet Even on my own pages my tracking shows only about 20 percent provide this much information consistently. The other 80 percent like to play the game of first name T last J with a fake email address. Can you spell competitor trying to figure out what your up to?

Now if you where advertising via pay-per-click imagine what the costs are per lead, and you still have no guarantee they will ever do business with you, and still not that mythical exclusive network marketing lead. And you will have your competitors clicking on your ad, to see what your up to, wow one of those dirty little network marketing secrets no one wants you to know about!

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