Network Marketing in 2007

Two thousand seven has seen a major shift in Network Marketing. Everywhere, you look we now see more people advertising how to do it then individuals actually offering opportunities.

What is really amazing is all the negative ads out there. If you where to believe these headlines network marketing is doomed.

The only way you’re going to succeed is if you have inside information that only they possess. Free secret reports abound everywhere.

So whom and what do you really want to believe?

Network marketing is still all about relationships, yet so many have forgotten this simple principle. If you’re looking for the short cuts to success just remember if you build it fast, it will crumble just as fast.

During the past year, I’ve witnessed many so many people that are making fatal mistakes within their business. They have sought out the rapid growth with massive action, building a huge downline with no customer base to support it.

When it comes time to answer the questions from your downline on how to gather customers what will your answer be?

Don’t worry about customers just go out and recruit more people? Or will you have that Deer in the Headlights look?

What are your goals for 2008, will is it to be a repeat of 2007 or will you implement new strategies and techniques?

If you take the time to go out and learn that there is more than one method of marketing, you will be taking control of your business future and growth.

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  • Aweke Jan 4, 2008 @ 23:15

    I have a good goals for 2008 rather than past, so in all time i need your suggestios about network marketing

  • Glenn Jan 7, 2008 @ 10:13

    Hello Aweke,

    Network Marketing is a sales process. Most of us are not natural born salesmen or women.

    Taking the time to learn proper sales techniques is essential to your success both to today and well into the future.

    Learn everything you can and then apply what fits your personality.

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