Network Marketing Is It all Recruiting?

News from this past week was not good for MLM – Network Marketing generally. We are often lumped into pyramid schemes that have noting to do with us.

Yet, it seems every that reporters cannot help but take a cheap shot at us without knowing the facts. The fact is, we make ourselves easy targets for this abuse.

Last weekend a news article from the Cape Cod Times, posted an article “Sounds To Good To Be True?”

What is really funny and just goes to prove that reporters do not have the facts and like most things no one challenges them! What is sicking about the article written by Marilee Crocker, is that she was writing about something that has nothing to do with multi-level or network marketing, it was a course titled Google Business Kit!

She did cite information from Randy Duermyer about buying into someone else’s “success system” which does hold a little truth that only the creator of the system is the only one that benefits.

Then we come towards the end of the week and Usana is back in the news again, “Man Accuses Usana of Operating as pyramid scheme!” This story gets really interesting, when you read some of the comments and a certain name comes up.

Are We setting ourselves up for failure?

All you have to do to verify this is visit Twitter, Facebook, or just about any social site and you’ll find ten’s of thousands broadcasting ads on how to generate free network marketing leads.

Having leads is one thing, knowing how to properly qualify them is another story altogether. Yet, no one even seems concerned about it! Recruiting is apart of network marketing just like it is for any company on this planet.

The rush to generate, any form of income causes people to forget their ethics just to get anyone to sign on the dotted line, no wonder we have such high failure rates.

Everyone Wants Qualified Prospects

Are we willing to learn what it takes to properly qualify a prospect? Sad fact is many are not willing to learn what is probably one of the most important skills in business!

When was the last time that you advised someone that network marketing was not for them? Have you ever done it or did the chance to just make the money make you forget any form of ethics?

To become successful, it is vital that we have a team that will go out and retail products or services as well as look for new members whom we’ve properly qualified for our business.

Network marketing is about helping others become successful so they can escape the rat race as well. Are you doing your part?

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  • Cade Krueger May 5, 2009 @ 10:46

    Properly qualifying leads really does increase the hiring process by eliminating unknowns.

    Is any regulation being developed to increase the security and quality of network marketing?

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