Network Marketing Still Under Attack

Ok so this news is a little late as it has been out there for over a month. Network marketing will always be under attack from those out side of this industry.

The really sad part is that it is also under attack from many network marketers within the industry.

We’ve sprung up entire groups that do nothing more then target those within network marketing for the sole purpose of recruiting them into our business.

The disguise this in a clever way, calling it your target market! If we base everything we do in network marketing solely on recruiting new members versus gathering legitimate customers well then maybe this article is dead on.

People fail with their warm market as potential customers, simply due to the fact that, they do not know how to approach them in the first place!

The products or services that are offered not everyone wants or even needs because there is no perceived value in it.

Stop and look at your organization, how many customers have you personally gathered?

How many customers has your downline gathered, or is it just your downline and you using the product – service?

Until we start focusing on gathering customers instead of just recruiting other network marketers, network marketing will always be under attack.

The only one who can make the difference is you!

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