New Year’s Resolutions in Network Marketing What’s Yours?

When this time of the year comes around we make new promises for the coming year. We will work our business more consistently and finally get organized in our business.

Each year most of us keep these promises for only a very short time, sometimes only a few weeks. Becoming an effective network marketer requires discipline, involving consistent action year round.

One of the most important lessons I learned early on, was to stay consistent in building my business. Whether that was contacting new prospects, following up with customers, or working on my web sites etc…

A few of us are very fortunate to live in a climate that really prevents us from enjoying outdoor activities during the summer months!

Come to the desert in summertime and you’ll learn quickly just what a convection oven feels like.

During the month of December you really do see a slow down in reaching people. But those individuals that stay proactive do see a rapid increase in both recruiting and sales come January.

Network Marketing truly does work, when you know how to work it. So make yourself a promise this year to work your business consistently throughout the year. The rewards will be well worth the effort.

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