Old School Network Marketing Meets New School

Old School meets new school or is it the other way around? I was having good round table discussion with a few fellow network marketers, and this subject came up.

Now this is probably not what you’re thinking about when I say old school network marketing meets new school, so let me clarify the picture a little.

In the not to distant past a few had the idea to create network marketing training material to sell, thus the start of the funded proposal.

The though process behind all of this is, you buy the online marketing material, build trust, and credibility with your audience. Then you entice them out of their business into your venture or today multiple ventures.

The New School Method

Is essentially the same, yet delivery today is much quicker then ever before. Today they brand it as being diversified, yet anyone that knows anything about finances knows what diversification really is.

Most people have a difficult time multitasking. When you’re trying to juggle multiple business opportunities or streams of income, you are setting yourself up for one of two conditions. Either total failure or a life of continually chasing a pipe dream.

Instead of decreasing the failure rate in network marketing from a 97% failure rate, it is actually increasing, simply because no one is focused. Ask yourself this question and search your soul are you focusing on just one thing at a time and learning to master that process?

I read a great post, that really hammered this home, “Confessions of A Biz-Opp Junkie.” Today a large majority of us fall into this category, yet we continue to jump at each new opportunity.

Just yesterday, someone announced via social media the newest multilevel social site. Now this was tried just a few short years ago, and now is no where to be found, how many people got sucked into that deal.

How much time and effort did they waste chasing a pipe dream only to watch it all go up in smoke? Yet, most people being the humans we are, see something shiny and reach for it, only to find it’s an illusion.

If you already have a great company, why continue to chase others, or are you unknowingly being led down a path of destruction. If you belong to a training group, that back-ends you with all kinds of other products and services from multiple companies, maybe just maybe its time for you to re-think your position!

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