Old School Network Marketing Still Rocks!

Why would anyone give up on what they know is working for them in network marketing for what they don’t know? It beats the crap out of me…

Yet, one individual I recently talked to was doing just that. And, this individual was not taking the easy path.

By following the advice he had discovered on the internet, he had started a blog, was on twitter and facebook.

Posting about 5 times a week, in my opinion off to a great start on his blog…

Yet, it wasn’t producing anything. But, he’d already built a sizable downline simply by using his existing contacts…

…You know “That Dreaded Warm List” everyone tells you to avoid.

But, then they ask you to friend them on facebook so they have access to that warm list.

The key to successful marketing is keeping it balanced, and focusing on the areas that are the most productive.

If that happens to be working your warm market, why change. If you can get someone on twitter to stop blasting ads at you long enough to read your tweet, then use that as well.

If you want to blog, do it consistently and give it time to mature and grow. Eventually you’ll have a following or at least have people trying to figure out why you’re in the top 10 of the search results.

There really is no right or wrong method in network marketing as long as you’re connecting with real people.

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