Outdated Network Marketing Methods

Yesterday, a network marketer sent a message over twitter asking the question “how many people do you think are still using out dated methods in their network marketing business?”

I thought about replying there but as you can see this post is far larger than 140 characters.

What is an outdated method? What is a new school method? Should we limit ourselves to one method or the other?

Many individuals today are sucked into using cliche sound bites as they try to build their business without really knowing the differences between them or how similar they really are.

Why Old School Marketing Does Not Work!

Most equate outdated methods as old school network marketing, generating that list of family and friends. Then in all your excitement you pitch them your opportunity and puke information all over them.

It’s no wonder it doesn’t work! First, you where never taught how to do it properly! Rejection from friends and family hits you hard, could what you’re offering them appear as crap, a scam, or is it possibly your poorly executed approach?

Often, the company you’re offering them is crap and will only appeal to another network marketer who is also sucked into the this hype.

Is it your approach, maybe it’s your inexperience, or maybe you simply don’t know how to qualify them, or present your opportunity properly.

Learning what is a prospect, then learning how to qualify a prospect properly is essential to your success!

Yet, most of the “trainers” today, never learned how to do this either.

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time no doubt you’ve been approached by the heavy hitters, generally in a tag team environment.

They hit you with all the information about the pay plan etc… in a desperate attempt to get you to abandon your company and join them, they never stop to even qualify you!

Many in network marketing practice this style of old school marketing, a very destructive method. Interestingly these perceived leaders always seem to have a new company, a new deal on the sideline for you to follow them over to it.

Once they’ve moved most of the team over and all the sign-up bonuses have dried up, well you guessed it along comes a new company, the next deal, and the process repeats again with more money being sucked from your wallet.

Old school network marketing methods, teach you that everyone within 3 feet “The Three-Foot Rule” is a prospect. Maybe you’ve even been told to go to the mall and pass out flyers all day, everyone is your prospect right?

I’ve talked with people who quit their job immediately after signing up with a company, no kidding all because their up-line told them, do this and you’ll be instantly successful! Why is it people will buy this CRAP?

Along Comes New School Marketing Methods

Wow a catchy title, new school network marketing “Attraction Marketing” guaranteed to create instant success.

Now prospects will be chasing you down, you’ll become the hunted instead of the hunter!

So you rushed out and bought this new break through marketing course so you too could learn these new school marketing methods.

These new e-books are filled with heart touching stories about struggles and how they finally found success after years of struggling, getting trained, calling hundreds of people a day, nothing worked until – they started selling you this story!

Lets look at this progression, and you’ll begin to see how this ties back to old school marketing. First you’re taught you’ve got to be on the search engines running pay per click ads, offering a free report.

You where taught that it takes massive action, a huge marketing budget to build that massive list! So you buy the book!

As people quickly started running out of money and failing, it is now transitioned into funded proposal system.

Which works until one of two things happen, you run out of money and quit, or the search engines changed the rules once again.

After people ran out of their massive marketing budget, along comes the next course that will teach you how to market on a budget.

Now their saying you’ve got to build a web site or a blog. This is coming from two of my former downline members and is something I stated a long time ago, yet they where convinced it could not be duplicated but it is something they now teach, I guess you could say I did not have an influence there?

When that does not work along comes the next e-book “hear the sucking sound from old school” you need to get on the social sites and promote your business.

We’re now back to creating a list, or followers that are complete strangers you’ve found on the many different social networks.

You’ve now transitioned from the “Three-Foot Rule” to the “Three Micro-second Rule” where every prospect is only a click or tweet away.

Interestingly, they’re offering essentially the same thing, to exactly the same marketing material, never differentiating themselves from the crowd.

Imagine walking into a store to buy a shirt, you can have it in any style or color, just so long as it’s green and a short sleeve.

Those that do become successful, know the secret that you don’t. How to successfully combine old school with new school marketing methods.

They know what is a prospect and more important how to qualify a prospect.

If you learn one thing here that I hope to convey, it is become your own master. After all, you started a network marketing business to be your own boss, you wanted to call the shots, start calling them!

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  • Andre Vatke Mar 17, 2009 @ 18:13

    Glenn, excellent article and I bet people don’t watch the progressing of offer either. The basics idea that it’s better to be personally attractive vs. repulsive is plain common sense. However a lot of people are using tool and technology and end up making themselves unattractive.

    There’s now even talk about a certain course being “better than Google” yet those same people are still spending more money on Google ads than anything else.

    What they say and what they do are two different things and I think that’s what you are pointing out. It’s like listening to Bernie Madoff for investment advice – might work for a few but… well you get the point!

    Here’s a thought on Attraction Marketing…

    If you have ever been in nature – say camping, or hunting, or even watched a program or two on the National Geographic channel – think about what animals are attracted to what animals.

    On the savannah, it’s the antelope that’s attractive, not the lion. The antelope doesn’t go to the lion, in fact they stay the heck away. The lion is attracted to the antelope. He needs to use his God given skills and stalk the antelope. If luck is on his side he and his pride will eat. If not, he will try again another day because there are lots of antelope.

    Marketers need to be like the lion – relying on skill, focus and discipline. Better to be the hunter than the hunted. Only difference is that in business we don’t kill prospects, we help them by understanding what it is they really want to accomplish and if and how we fit into that equation.

  • Glenn Mar 17, 2009 @ 19:21

    I read your comment and it brought back the video of the antelope and lions. It really fits with your analogy, it leaves you with the impression that either the lions are lazy or they simply don’t know what to do with it.

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