Pay Per Click (PPC) Or A Lead Company.

Everyone knows that we need prospects for our business to grow. Is it better to generate your own or buy leads from a reputable lead company?

Everywhere you look you’ll find advertisements that tell you to stop buying leads. Well if thats the case you might as well close the door to your business now.

Without prospects that we turn into customers it’s not a matter of if our business will fail but when! When it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to generate your own leads there are many things to look at and learn.

Learning how to market both online and offline should be a priority.

When you combine it with learning how to close your prospects you will achieve greater results.

Remember though that it will take time to learn how to market effectively both online and offline. There is no magic formula.

Landing Pages: Yes that is pages, advertising is a process of testing, finding out what our customer really wants.Long or Short page?

Well that is a debate, often long teary pages will convert to sales and at other times they will just annoy the reader, this is where the testing and tracking comes in.

The Actual AD Itself: When you look at the amount of space that Google, Yahoo or Live give you there really isn’t a lot of room to work with. Our ad’s need to draw in the readers attention.

The ad must match the landing page, if not your visitor will feel you’ve cheated them with a bait and switch technique.

Return on investment: This is the point where the rubber meets the road and why buying leads is probably a better investment. It does take skills to close the sale.

This is where new marketers fail in that they put the cart before the horse.

If it takes you $10.00 to generate one prospect and that could be conservative in todays market and yet your closure ratio is 1 out of 20 leads how long can you keep that up?

Lead Companies: Are everywhere, so there is no shortage of leads if you want them.

The one area in which most people fail is not really understanding and having proper expectations of just what a lead really is.

There are some lead companies that specialize in delivering to you genealogy leads (I.E. people already in Network Marketing!)

In my opinion this is one of the problems within network marketing today.

Every fall, I get numerous calls from people that purchased my name off a list as someone that is interested in a home based business, I bet you do to.

The sad part is that they don’t even have a compelling reason as to why I should work with them. Very few leads companies will teach you how to generate your own leads, as well as supply you leads.

I guess I cannot blame them, that’s almost like biting the hand that feeds you.

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