Is Prospecting All That Difficult?

Why does it seem that prospecting is so difficult in network marketing? If leads are the life blood, then prospecting it the heart beat!

Most network marketers would rather do anything, then take the steps that will move their business forward.

There are a few important factors that set the successful network marketers apart from those who are still failing today…

…anyone can learn this, if they apply themselves!

Our human nature guides us to trying to do the most with the least expenditure of energy… and there is nothing wrong with that!

Why Do We Make Prospecting Difficult?

It is amazing the great links people will go to just so they will not have to talk to anyone about their business! I know exactly how they feel! People have the idea in their head that buying leads are the worst thing you can do for your business!

If we do not have prospects… then we fail! Prospecting is about connecting with people that is the true secret of attraction marketing. It is not about how well we write, or even what we say to a degree. It is how well we listen and relate to the prospect.

When talking to a prospect we have to be genuinely Interested in them.

Really listening to a prospect is not hard, but far to often we want to rush this essential part of the process. You maybe thinking all I want is someone to join my business.

So without realizing it we end up blowing it, simply because we’ve become so focused on what we want, we ignore everything else.

It does not matter if you generate the prospect or buy the prospect, you’ll end up with the same results if you do not LISTEN to the prospect.

Today many of the good network marketers fall into the B level when it comes to prospecting, very few make it to the A level. It’s not that they have magic phrases or anything like that, they have done enough prospecting.

It is the skills you bring to the table that will determine your success for failure… but what if you don’t have these skills?

I’ll tell you more about that shortly!

It’s not enough to read a few books, follow scripts, etc… You need the feed back to learn and develop these skills that most simply cannot or refuse to do.

Practice Makes You Perfect!

Have you ever played sports? If you aspired to be the best you could be…

…you practiced and did it often!

The same principle applies to prospecting, if your not doing it consistently you make it nearly impossible to achieve any success. At best all you could hope for is poor to mediocre results!

The only way to change it is practice!

Get into the habit of talking to people, whether or not they are a prospect or not, I’m not saying try to recruit them!

Here is a page that will help you understand the difference between the 3% and the 97% with the right network marketing coaching! Take your prospecting to the next level!

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  • Gerardo Ritchey Jun 1, 2009 @ 22:11

    Hallelujah. I’ve been waiting for someone to actually write this somewhere. I absolutely agree with you. I think that the most important thing that anyone in our industry can do, is connect with someone they are talking to. Too many people just do a Jack-in-the-box, and they wonder why in the world they can’t get anything to happen. It’s all about relationship building, and finding a way to help people get what they need. At the end of the day, the lifeblood of our industry is solving problems for people.

  • Amy Howard May 19, 2009 @ 4:27

    I have to agree with you Glenn. There are a lot of network marketers that just don’t want to prospect and that is one way to make sure that your business doesn’t grow.

    Prospecting is the thing that we all like to do the least but it is the thing that we have to do the most. Without prospecting, you don’t get to do any closing and closing is where the money is.

    You also mentioned that you have to LISTEN and that is the key to prospecting. Before you go off on your sales pitch about your business or product it really helps to know if you are talking to someone that even has an interest in what you have. That’s where having a good script can be useful.

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