Prospecting Could Actually Hurt Your Business?

This evening I stumbled upon one of the dumbest articles I’ve probably ever read on prospecting.

First show me a business that does not prospect and is still in business today. Prospecting is part art and science, yet many fail at it before the really learn just what it is.

I found myself fortunate to learn from a friend of mine and watch a master work at his craft. Where others would miserably fail he would succeed in getting follow up calls and conversions to sales.

Everyone really is a prospect but maybe just not your product or even you. Network Marketing is not about pushing a button and getting signups. If it were that easy then everyone would be doing it.

The is a great book which talks about sales “ok there are many of them out there” but one that I liked is called Sales Dogs.

It talks about the different types of sales people, their methods, and mannerisms. The book does not cover how to makes sales it just shows you the different styles, from this you can determine which style fits you.

Back to the incredibly stupid article I read, the author I won’t mention the name to avoid the individuals embarrassment really likes to talk about ditching the warm list etc… My guess is they never really learned exactly what to do with that warm list in the first place!

There is a company I like, when I talk to my neighbors and friends they are very interested in it! So what’s the difference well for one it is something they have no choice in; they cannot live without it.

And this can save them money period no questions asked! So If I were to wait for them to come to me through some internet search I would not have 1/10th of the business I have today.

Part of the art of prospecting is understanding people. Realizing that not everyone is your target market for your business, but your products quite possibly they are. Learning how to communicate with people so that both of you get what each other wants.

Learning the art and science of prospecting, is not difficult but it does require work and education.

Unfortunately, today we live in a society that wants everything yesterday. We are no longer willing to do what ever it takes to become successful and this is not just in network marketing!

You see it everywhere in society today, companies will sell you a degree for a price. Then when the rubber meets the road people really find out what you’re made of.

Just ask yourself this question, How do I want to be remembered years down the road. Take the time to learn this wonderful art of prospecting. Learn the skills necessary on how to help people get what they want out of life.

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