Shelf Life Of Your Marketing Material?

How long does your marketing material stay in front of your customer or prospect? To be a successful marketer of products and service this is a something that we need to consider all the time.

Every year I receive a couple of new calendars from real estate agents. These magnetic calendars sit on the refrigerator all year long.

They are a constant reminder that should I want to sell my house or purchase a new one here was someone branding themselves.

I’m sure you’ve received these same calendars or actual wall calendars from your insurance agent “who by the way is also a direct marketer.”

• Does your company have anything like this?

• Could you have something made like this for your customer base?

Do you collect enough information about your customers to follow up on their birthdays and other special occasions.

Employing more then one way of prospecting can also increase your conversion rates as well. It’s not a one call that’s all type of world.

We know that it takes multiple exposures to make the sale.

How many are you making?

The methods that I’ve described above are a form of collateral marketing which by most cases today is a lost art among network marketers.

Robert Kiyosaki addressed this in several of his books as to why people fail to succeed, “The Fear of Loss.” I’ve always believed that you have to invest in order to get a return.

It is up to me to ensure that I do get a return on my investment. If your paralyzed by the thought of losing money, well maybe network marketing is just not for you.

Today we have whole groups of people that want you to believe and work their self-funded proposal method.

Essentially sell their ebook “Which In Most Cases is Not Worth The Time it Takes to DownLoad” their motto is get your prospects to pay you to prospect them.

21b6v0swqzl_aa_sl160_.jpgThis method of thinking really follows an ad that was run awhile back “The Death Of Network Marketing” It gives us a vision of where we could be heading.

There is a great book written by Leonard Clements called Inside Network Marketing.

In this book Leonard describes what we should be doing but where not. Grab this book from your local book store or amazon.

Educating yourself about the industry your in will help you avoid many of the mistakes that will rob you blind.

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