Should You Generate or Purchase Your Network Marketing Leads?

Generating or purchasing network marketing leads is a hotly contested debate with many pro’s and con’s to both methods.

Last nights LeadersClub training session that was the topic of discussion. For those that have been members, they already know the answer to that question…

…LeadersClub is a training and leads company, yet they’ll be the first to tell you that by generating your own leads you will get a higher quality lead.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of both methods?

Generating Leads on your own:

Doing it this way is far more complex than most people have been lead to believe. In order to succeed with this method you have to Differentiate or Die!

We need to know to whom are we marketing too, new customers or new bodies to build your business? Is it local, regional, national, or global? This has to be considered if you want to generate leads on your own.

If you’re going to do it on the internet you’ll need a website, blog etc… You can hire someone to design and write it for you if your budget can afford it, which could cost you thousands.

Or, you can try to write it yourself, which means you’ll need to become a fairly competent web copywriter. Along with understanding all of the web metrics that go along with it eye flow etc…

You’ll spend countless hours choosing keywords, writing pages and posts etc… But, unless you know what your prospects want and can convey that information in your voice, it’s all meaningless.

Since it is so difficult, most people turn to using someone else’s lead generation system…

…Which works initially, since it is new and fresh. Yet, within a matter of months you’ll blend in with everyone else, delivering something that prospects have already rejected.

After all of that, you might if your really good, get a 15% conversion ratio. I know the lead generation pundits will be saying hogwash…

If I’m wrong ask them to put it in writing, guaranteeing that if you use their system you’ll get at least a 15% conversion ratio.

By that we mean people joining your business not buying their e-book or lead generation system. After all, isn’t that what your after growing your business?

Purchased leads Will have a lower conversion ratio!

Everyone has this common misconception that purchased leads are ready to go, they are just waiting for your phone call to start a business or purchase your products.

Don’t we wish… The truth is any prospect is just not into what you have to offer, and it doesn’t matter if it is self-generated or purchased.

They only care about 3 things, on my video page watch the video Why Network Marketing Prospects Don’t “Get It!” It points out clearly what interest them.

Purchased leads are far more cost effective even with the lower conversion ratio. And, the give you the ability to talk to more people!

People bash purchased leads when this happens, “Your the fourth person to call me today!” They use this for instance as to why you need their system.

Yet, those trained by LeadersClub know exactly how to respond to this and many other prospecting challenges that occur with both purchased and self-generated leads.

So back to the topic at hand, should you generate or purchase network marketing leads?

My opinion is you should be doing both! But, if your going to generate your own then you must be unique and different from all the other marketers.

Write material that is your own, using your voice and experience! If you don’t know what to write, then you need to talk to enough prospects.

This is where purchased leads come in, no matter how crappy you think they are. When, you can convert them from a cold lead to a hot prospect then your online conversions ratios will increases as well.

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