Some Just Love To Cold Call

This year is really exciting to be in network marketing, my phone is ringing off the hook. Now that’s exciting isn’t it, just what we want to happen?

The new Scraper Pro users are chasing me down and pitching how I can generate an endless flow of leads if I only buy this software.

You have to love the pitch, “I just saw your website!” Yet, they don’t even know my name or which website!

Just yesterday I received three phone calls…

…The first call from Ray was really sad, at least he was the only one so far that has not used an autodialer. Yet, his phone skills where…

…Well, lets just say horrible! Of course he stated he had just been on my website and wanted to know if I would like to generate and endless flow of network marketing leads!

Let me check, last time I looked I was in the top ten search results for the keywords “Network Marketing” on the three major search engines. When I asked that, he went started babbling…

…So, I interrupted and asked him what the software was “I already knew,” I could hear papers shuffling and finally after about five seconds he said Scraper Pro.

I do have to give Ray credit for at least picking up the phone and dialing it. Yet, I have to give him a very poor grade on presentation.

The other two calls where autodialers, the first of these two I left a message to call me back…

…Well, I’m still waiting for a call back. Most likely it will not happen.

The third is another story, a repeat offender. Just a pitch to visit his opportunity that is really a ponzi scheme! And there is no way to opt out of it, just the pitch…

… That one goes right to the FTC complaint section, and at $16,000 a pop I sure hope he’s making ton’s of money as he will need it.

If you want to cold call, be good at what you do!

If you don’t know how than maybe this course is what you need!

How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

Since you will be working with truly cold and hostile network marketing leads!

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  • Andre Vatke Jan 13, 2010 @ 13:24

    Funny how the guys promoting harvesting and auto-dialer software are picking up the phone to call!

    The sad thing is that they pretty much kill their chance of success because they start by promoting a scam or less than long-term company using BS and hype which will have people dropping like flies once they wake up and smell the truth.

    Put the same energy into a stable long-term co. using and the honest prospecting approach taught at LC and you not only make more money, but you make it longer and feel good about what you’ve done when you go to bed each night.

    Great post Glenn! 🙂

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