Sometimes Procrastination Gets in the Way!

We all do it, have you ever started a project only to forget all about it. This past week I was looking back through all of my notes on projects that where completed and those that where never completed.

I came across my blog project, you know some place to write about my ideas on what is right and what is wrong with network / mlm marketing today.

Well here it is almost 2 years later, my business has grown to the point that I almost have no free time left. I thought that Network Marketing was supposed to be all about freedom? Well it is about freedom and it is really no longer work.

Helping people to become successful in which ever business they are in has become a passion of mine. Yet it is still amazing that most people will not take the necessary action to ensure their network marketing success.

Chasing Rabbit Trails

With so many what I’ll just call rabbit trails pulling you in oh so many directions it becomes very easy to loose site of the big picture.

So with that said, I hope that you’ll stay with this blog, open your creative side and really begin to see that you and you alone are in control of your business.

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