Staying Focused On Your Business!

Recently I had someone contact me to ask the question: “Can you really earn (fill-in your amount) per month in network marketing?”

Everyone finds a business that they believe suits them and meet’s their goal for generating income. They let it run for a few months or more, they decide to get on the internet…

…It is promised to be the salvation for your business! In no time you’ll be generating an endless supply of leads.

So when I received the question above which had a web address attached to it, I visited the blog and found basic SEO mistakes.

These mistakes are all to common among the millions of network marketing blogs out there today. With the major one being the writing is all over the place…

…A total lack of focus on what the blog or website is supposed to be about.

For example: If your blog or website is about network marketing you’ll find that there are many topics that are closely aligned with the term.

Topics like affiliate marketing, Leads, Coaching, even blogging etc… can all be related to network marketing…

…But in your blog post if you go from lead generation to telling me about a specific nutritional product in great detail, it is not really aligned with the blogs theme.

You’d be better off starting a new blog on “Joe’s Nutritional Tips.”

Yet, on the other hand most of us quickly run out of ideas to write about for our blogs, which could explain why so many jump from on topic to off topic posts.

Now there is really nothing wrong with that for a personal blog where you just want to write about the things you love…

…But, if your blog is business oriented you’d better stay on topic and focused.

The greatest challenge for network marketers is creating enough content, many have resorted to plagiarizing content for many different sites.

Search engines just like success in business require consistent action and original content. Ask any good copy-writer what he or she has to do for a project and they’ll tell you research.

Which is why I’ve been a fan and supporter of Leaders Club for so many years. It’s a virtual treasure trove of ideas, training and proven marketing methods…

…Information that gives you years worth of ideas on what write that if your goal is to create one of the top network marketing sites.

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