The Death Of Internet Network Marketing

With all the hoopla marketers used in the past to convince everyone of the impending death of network marketing as we know it!

They claimed it would be replaced by internet network marketing, and many of us have utilized it very successfully in the past.

Who really knows the shear number of blogs being created today by individuals to promote their business? I don’t think anyone could really track it.

Creating an online presence is not the issues anyone can do it, and many do everyday.

The challenge lies in filling your new site up with content.

What we do as marketers is not well received by most people. Most of them perceive it as some sort of scam. Filled with people who will lie, cheat, steal …

…What ever it takes to make a quick buck, right?

Today the search engines seem to reward who can post the most content current content…

And, it doesn’t seem to matter that the content is duplicated throughout the internet on multiple sites by network marketers who choose to scrape content off of other sites to pass off as their own.

While some will give it a slightly different title and maybe change a few word…

…in an effort to show that their business is the one you want others will make no change at all and claim they wrote it.

Which is really kind of funny when the article is written in English, yet posted on someones site that English is a second language for them. And, it doesn’t match up with articles they’ve written.

It probably would not be so bad if the individuals who ripped off your content at least provided a link back to the original source.

But, we all know that will never happen when the individuals doing it have a lack of moral fiber anyway.

My Prediction is that…

This will eventually lead to the death of internet network marketing as we know it. Articles and post will become totally unreadable works of garbage or seen as just another duplicate in a long list of duplicates.

So How Do You Protect Content You’ve Written?

It’s almost impossible today! There are groups and individuals that teach it’s ok to do it, that your chances of getting caught are very remote.

No one polices it other than yourself, because no-one really cares about your content. You can spend your time filing DMCA letters to the web-hosts of the scrapers and they will shut down the sites. until they remove the content…

Personally for myself and I would not advise you to do the Third one

First, try to contact the person who has stolen your content and ask them to remove it…

Second, If they won’t remove it or don’t respond the DMCA to their web host.

Third, for those stubborn cases…

As I did make a video of the offending site and / or individual referencing your content and the content they scrapped. Create a blog post about it if you have enough of them you might even create a category Network Marketers Who Scrape Content

When I look at my pages I could create enough content in just a few days to fill up a years worth of blog posts, that where delivered daily…

But, really we shouldn’t have to but if we don’t it literally will be the death of internet network marketing!

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  • jackie christiansen Jan 22, 2014 @ 17:44

    Yes, a lot of people make their top priority trying to please the search enging ranking algorithms, which is tricky since they keep changing them. Good content will always make you relevant to your readers.

    As far as the death of internet network marketing, I believe we’re only in the early innings of the internet and network marketing. Most people don;t want to do the extra work that it takes to have a successful internet presence, so there aren’t that many in network marketing doing it. But those that are our there on the internet, I believe, will reap most of the benefits in the years to come.

    All the best to your success,


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