Tip #5 Will The Internet Kill Network Marketing?

There have been a lot of predictions made about network marketing. One presented frequently over the past 10 or 12 years is that the Internet will kill off network marketing.

Those that make this claim say that today a simple search will find you any product you want direct from the source. So who actually needs network marketing?

The Internet has certainly been a force for change. However, reality is that the network marketing industry added over 5 million people to it’s ranks from 2000 to 2009 – that’s in the USA alone!

Yet people are still predicting that the Internet will kill network marketing. And it’s worth looking at because so many people are being told that in order to succeed they need to put their business online.

This can lead to a lot of misconceptions… because most people believe this means promoting your business online – advertising essentially.

But that’s not focusing on the strength of network marketing.

Let me explain…

If you advertise, the Internet puts everyone in the same venue. For example, someone in Singapore can easily compete online with someone in New York City… and we the people seeing the ads or sites have no way of being able to tell the difference.

What’s growing out of the Internet boom is a trust vacuum. The basically means that people are finding it harder to know whom they can trust. And don’t we even make a jokes about how credible something is by saying we found it online?

You see, ultimately it’s trust that will keep network marketing relevant and a viable business choice for both companies and home business entrepreneurs.

Because here’s the deal… technology isn’t going backwards! There are going to be more and more ways that businesses will seek to market to you. Every major online service is only there to provide advertising space. That’s what pays the bills.

When you consider that today’s iPod has twice the computation power of a 1980’s supercomputer… it’s not hard to imagine a world where marketers are able to track your movement and actions as well in real life as they do online.

This means that the future will bring an ever increasing flood of advertising messages. And we as consumers will continue to get better at ignoring them. Which is where network marketing comes in.

A personal relationship – the kind that we mentioned in tip one – is they key to bypassing the advertising background noise. Technology can do a lot of very cool things… but it doesn’t provide trusted human connection.

In 2009 survey of 25,000 Internet users from 50 countries showed that 90% of said they  trust recommendations from people they know while only 33% said they trust ads they see online.

And that’s why the Internet won’t kill network marketing!

Since the dawn of time we have depended on advice and guidance from people we trust. Behavioral psychologists call this a shortcut. We can’t pay attention to everything and we don’t have the time and energy to research every buying decision we make. So we depend on those we trust to help us.

This fact alone makes future of network marketing is very bright for those who know value of communication and trust based relationships.

Published with permission from my dear old friend Andre Vatke (President LeadersClub)

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