Top 5 Ways To Become Unattractive In Network Marketing Today!

Everyone talks about it today, “attraction marketing” the revolutionary way to get people to join your business. Yet, people continue to join the unattractive crowd everyday.

# 1 Use Ibuzzpro.

Face it people hate telemarketers or robots calling and interrupting their lives! They hate it so much that the FTC created some pretty strong laws.

They also increased the fines, so you really have to ask yourself can you really afford it if you get nailed?

# 2 Use Scraper Pro.

This software is it illegal? Not really, but when you look at it and what they claim, you being to wonder if it is a pyramid or ponzi scheme.

They claim that you’ll create an endless flow of leads but for whom? Definitely not for your network marketing business!

I’ve already received several calls from individuals promoting this software. And, in both cases they used a auto-dialer to leave a pre-recorded message.

The real question is how long will it take the search engines to shut down this software from accessing their database?

And, how long will it take for the FTC to step in and make this practice also subject to fines.

# 3 Use Twitter Too…

To endlessly promote your opportunity with every other tweet, interspersed with useless information to give the appearance that your not a spammer.

To Send a direct message to someone after you’ve hunted them down on twitter and then thanking them by offering a link “Get Leads to Chase You!”

Or the one that always gets me Visit my site so I can show you how to build your MLM – Network Marketing business and generate an endless flow of leads


# 4 Promoting Someone other than Yourself!

Unless you’re promoting a company and that is your primary business well then, telling someone to listen to someone else is well…

…self-defeating isn’t it? You’ve just destroyed any credibility or perception that you maybe a leader, someone worth listening too.

# 5 3-way calling.

I have to admit when I first started in network marketing this was exactly what my companies and up-line wanted everyone to do.

You know, you tell your prospect hold on for a second and then you 3-way your up-line into the call to lend credibility and close the sale for you!

I found it to be a very effective method to get your prospect off the phone as quickly as possible! And, to completely and utterly destroying any possibility of a relationship, even those with friends and family.

What they Lack…

…Is effective relationship building communications! We see examples of this everyday!

How often do you really listen to your spouse, or are you like most of us, we only hear but never really listen?

We’ve become so conditioned to advertising that we’ve essentially trained our brains to tune almost everything out!

This includes our spouse, our children and almost everyone that really matters the most to us.

And, this carries over and sabotages our business building efforts as well. We start using methods that shout loud and clear “I’m the only one that matters!”

Can We Change?

Yes, we can! It starts with learning how to really listen and I do mean really listen. Most of us already have everything we need, our family and friends.

This holiday season, stop talking about yourself and what is going on in your life. Get your family and friends to talk to you about what is going on in their lives.

When you can sit through what you used to perceive as the most boring of conversations, well you may just be ready for the next phase in building long lasting, effective business relationships.

Maybe then you’ll no longer be considered one of the unattractive network marketers.

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  • Andre Vatke Dec 7, 2009 @ 12:16

    >>> using methods that shout loud and clear ā€œIā€™m the only one that matters!ā€<<<

    I love it Glenn! Much of what is sold as attraction marketing should really be labeled "attention marketing" because it seems that the only thing they focus on is getting themselves some attention.

    Of course, attention is only a start in marketing and if you get the wrong kind of attention it's also the end.

    …which is why over 97% are STILL failing. Your site has some of the best remedies to really solve that problem.

  • Glenn Dec 7, 2009 @ 20:33

    šŸ™‚ While I like twitter and other forms of social media, like most people I grow tired quickly of repeated ads.

    But, then it makes sense what they are doing, you have to shout the same message over and over again hoping that it will stick when you have umpteen thousand followers.

    As long as most are chasing each other it leaves plenty of prospects for the rest of us to contact, what a way to thin out the competition.

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