Top Websites in Our Industry

If you take a look at the top web sites in any search most of them, you will find are very customized and original both in content and look.

One of the top web sites in our industry is a free web site so this clearly blows that theory right out of the water that you need a professional service.

Now the question is why is this site in the top ten? It’s because search engines really don’t care if it’s free or costs ten’s of thousands of dollars. What they look for is original and relevant content.

Today we have so many out there just throwing content with no real though, anything to build pages etc… That’s what the guru’s are telling you to do, How do you know it’s true.”

They become so focused on this because every guru out there tells you this is what you have to do. Of course, their selling you the tools you’re going to need to be successful and oh by the way it’s going to take 4 to 5 years.

How many of us would like to have a customer for 4 to 5 years? I’m sure that answer is all of us.

Why is it that, there are so many in network marketing that have risen to large six figure incomes within network marketing without even having a web site?

They have all learned what this business is all about, connecting and relating to people. The internet is an extension of that, one small piece of the puzzle not the answer to our dreams.

Leadersclub has always taught a balanced approach. When you can take your leads “those that qualified” and get 50% or higher to a follow up call and are closing them, then and only then does it make sense to spend a fortune on marketing.

In the latest Marketing Power newsletter “Will Google’s New Rules Put an End to the Cookie Cutter Ad Systems?” Well the same applies to web sites in general as well!

I’ve often been asked the question who do I trust when it comes to information about the internet! The answer is myself, and that should by yourself as well. If you have any doubts about anything, you really need to think it through before you act on any advice you’re given.

And always keep this in mind, anytime you try to manipulate the system your playing with someone’s baby.

Yes that’s right someone’s baby. If they even think your trying to manipulate their system, they will find a way to not only stop it but stop you forever when it comes to a search.

The rage a few years ago and it’s still out there today was the three way linking. Trying to beat the system again.

Excessive article writing, with poorly written content all designed to manipulate the system. I watched one of the top trainers in our business do this several years ago and it did not make one bit of difference. And yes he was following the advice of the internet marketing guru’s.

Everyone want’s more sales, but no one is willing to pay price. We all want to beat the system but in the end it’s the system that will beat us.

Build your business with balance, each part has a place and knowing when and how to put them together is so important.

If your not working leads and learning to deal with the rejection and the no’s you’ll never become successful! You’ll get the same effect from the leads you generate as well, don’t believe the hype and myths out there base everything on what you know to be true!

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