Twitter And Network Marketing

Everyday I get a great laugh from new twitter followers. It starts like this my latests network marketing blog post goes out and here come all the new followers.

So I follow them back, only later to be sent a direct message like the following:

Thanks so much for the follow, I hope you have a great day! Visit my blog and let me know how I can help you:

Thanks for the follow! Please allow me to invite you to our free Network Marketing Training at xxxxxxxx

Thanks for the follow! Generate Instant Cash In Any Company. Learn How to Create Your Own Leads And Grow Your Sales.

Thanks for the follow, I’m looking forward to your tweets. I work with people who want to take their love of travel to the next level.

Hey fellow network marketer! My goal with tweeting is to help my followers succeed quickly and easily in their business. Let’s all get rich!

Thanks for the follow! Let’s network on Facebook too:

Hi. I hope we can connect for real. If you like Attraction Marketing pop over for your free goodies.

And this one takes the grand prize:

Smart Move on Following Me! See How I Easily Generate Thousands of F.ree Leads With Twitter.

Lets see did they hunt me down?

That answer would have to be a resounding yes, using automation or filtering to find and follow people who talk about network marketing.

Did any of them really take the time to investigate who you are or what you do before sending their canned direct message?

Most don’t you’re just another so-called lead to them. So if everyone is in the network marketing business and everyone is also a lead, isn’t that like a dog chasing its tail?

Anyway it really does make you laugh every morning.

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