Twitter for Branding Network Marketers?

No doubt people are taking to twitter like ducks to water. I’ve read many good articles both pro and con for using twitter in branding yourself. Still I remain skeptical that it will work for network marketers.

So If you’re here looking for tips on how to become a Twitter super star, you will not find it. What you will find is observations from those that are doing it wrong, and for the majority it’s not their fault they are being taught to do it that way.

One thing I would recommend if you are a network marketer is to grab your name if you still can. Even if you don’t plan to use it, it prevents someone else from using your name in a way that may not be flattering. Although if you don’t use it, you maybe violating Twitters rules for squatting.

I find it interesting to read all the different viewpoints in using social media both pro and con. It seems like those that are extremely pro use are frustrated that companies are slow to adapt it to their marketing. And I can see a companies point of view in taking a slow approach.

When it comes to network marketers it’s a new game altogether, many just see it as the newest way to spam other network marketers! Since they think every one they run across in network marketing is a candidate for their opportunity or product.

Or an e-book on how to generate free lead just like they are. Oh they are getting lots of click, but very little action since the majority are all doing the same thing. Wow what a concept ten’s of thousands all offering the same material. Twitter was never designed for this, the question you should be thinking about is what happens when they put a halt to this? Then what?

It’s too easy to just login find other network marketers and follow them all. Then once you have lots of followers, you just send Twitter spam every few hours, just like canned spam. If you have five twitter posts and are following 800+ people you’re a spammer plain and simple.

The majority of individuals that follow you, never even look at you, or your profile. When someone follows me, I do check them out before I follow them. I guess you could say I learned the hard way. Since the majority of them are just linking off to the same exact lame landing pages.

Now it’s not these newbie’s fault, they are being taught to do this. So how are they using this to brand themselves? Well in away they are branding themselves as spammers who’ve just moved from email spam to Twitter spammers.

Then there are the direct messages, canned messages, how lazy. It is amazing that someone will start following you, then after you look at them and follow them back later comes a canned direct message with of course, you guessed it a url to a frickin landing page.

Why not send me a link to your about your page on your blog or web site, don’t give me links to all your social sites? I’m not going to register or follow you on all those sites, heck I don’t even know you yet! Maybe if you want to brand yourself as a network marketing professional, you might need to stop listening to you current mentors and become your own master!

Can you use social sites for branding? Yes you can but no one and I do repeat no one is attracted to a landing page or a site that spends most of it’s time praising someone else. Unless of course your ultimate goal is to brand someone else.

Twitter is great for short forms of communication with people you know, still picking up the phone, talking to people is a better way of becoming a marketer!

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