Is Twitter A Good Venue For Network Marketing?

Over the past couple of months I ran a test with Network Marketers who’ve followed my on Twitter.

I’ve not done what most of my competition (which seems to be everyone) which is chase people down. I.E. Build List.

You can easily tell that 98 percent of those who have followed you really have no real clue as to why they’ve followed you! It begs to ask the question are you reaching your target market or just casting a net?

I asked this question many times over the course of the two month period “What Is The Best Network Marketing Opportunity Today?”

That question generated a whopping 2 responses, as to what people felt was the best company…of course it was theirs.

For A medium designed to build communications…

…and relationships it definitely is not proving it to me, at least when it comes to network marketers!

It appears that the majority of individuals in network marketing are simply are not interested in building a relationship, just marketing! It really makes you wonder who is coaching them?

I’ve proven this over the years by leaving comments on other network marketers blogs. About 98% will leave the comment, yet remove the name and link to your site!

I like how the comparison is made with major companies using it to generate sales for their brand…

…and it works very well for them, no doubt!

Yet, thousands of individuals all pushing the same material “Generate Free Network Marketing Leads.” It really makes you wonder after getting so few responses to the question, who is actually building a network marketing business.

There is a disturbing trend emerging, and I fear it will not be too long, before the statement changes in the media from bugging your friends and family…

…to bugging people on social sites. It is already surfacing, with negative comments on blogs and media sites and it will only become more prevalent.

The real challenge is, “how much time and effort should you expend in determining, who you want to follow back?”

Should we be chasing people down, based on keywords, not content?

One of the qualifications anyone must have for any business is enough time to actually work the business. If your spending the majority of your time tweeting, is it really the most efficient use of your time?

Keep it balanced!

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