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This week this article was pointed out to me and by it’s very nature is distrubing for many reasons. It really just goes to show that what we say can be manipulated by scandalous individuals.

In this case an individual – company wrote negative publicity against Usana and also to a short position in it’s stock. If your not sure what a short position is here is a reference to help explain it.

What is also interesting is the individual had served prision time for a stock manipulation case, in my opinion he should returning.

It is really to bad that Usana did not appear to know of the short position, with the help of it’s distributors they could have forced a short squeeze and caused the individual to loose a substantial amount of money.

Here is the link the the article “Usana Critic Pledges Silence.” Unfortunately the article is no longer available.

So how is your advertising message, are you promising things that are just not realistic? I know many advertisers out there today make some pretty outlandish claims, you see them everyday.

Are you protraying what you know to be true? Do you have the statistics to back them up? We see so many individuals just regurgitating information that in reality they have no idea where it came from, as network marketers you to could be sued.

One of the reasons that this even surfaced was based on publicly available records of the companies performance I.E. it’s 10k report in 2007. Now I wonder how many companies could be sued this year 2008 for decreasing sales?

There are a minority of individuals out there that would like nothing more then each and every network marketing opportunity fail, it probably strokes their ego with a “I told you so.”

One thing that is cited in most reports is that people joining a company never make any money only debt and in so many ways this is true!

The 97% Failure Rate In Network Marketing is alive and well but not because of the companies or upline, the failure rate is there chiefly because of our own lack of action.

When I came into network marketing it was to make sales, to move products and / or services. When I found that I was not getting that training, I did what any business orientated person would I found the network marketing training that was needed.

It’s no doubt that Usana will recover from this, yet still has a long way to go with this individual through the court process.

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