Using Marketing Collateral In Network Marketing

Collateral Marketing Unleashed!

This week July 24th 2008 Leadersclub released, it’s newest course to the market. I should clarify, this course is new to the general public, yet the material and training has been available to its members for years.

When I first started in network marketing, the company I was with had marketing material to assist me in promoting my business.

Just about every company out there today has some form of presentation either in the form of online video or offline video and brochures.

The challenge then and still is today, how to properly utilize marketing collateral pieces to build your network marketing business. In my experience even marketing firms do it incorrectly!

Early this spring I had a marketing company, representing one of the large network marketing nutritional companies send me a month’s supply of their nutritional product Fedex overnight. My first response was anger as I incorrectly assumed that it came from a network marketer.

Why anger? Over the course of the years I’ve received thousands of unsolicited Collateral Marketing pieces that I had never requested. This truly is wasting your marketing budget. There is the other group that focuses on the principle of “funded proposals” in that you get your prospects to pay you to prospect them with your back end offer.

In theory this sounds great right, yet reality is that offering generic information for sale to cover the advertising costs requires the same amount of marketing effort as any other promotion. In many cases you find network marketers run out of money before they can ever break even.

Personally I’ve never liked the funded proposal systems and prefer the collateral marketing method, which has proven itself to out perform most other marketing methods.

What is in the course Collateral Marketing?

CD #1: Promote Yourself First When Prospecting!

“Promote Yourself First” was pioneered by Leaders Club as a strategy to build your own “personal brand” as an individual. Rather than borrowing credibility from your upline, company or your marketing tools, “Promote Yourself First” shows you how to establish real credibility in the eye’s of your prospect.

Over the course of the years I’ve watch so many network marketers make the mistake of promoting some other network marketer that is actively competing with them. The real key to success is you don’t even have to use your companies material or some other marketers material to find success!

CD# 2 & 3: Covers The Secret To Making Collateral Marketing Work – Part 1 & 2

Collateral marketing is definately a strategy, that works! I’ve used it for years to generate Ten’s of thousands of Leads. I clearly would not have been successful if it was not for the training that I received. Even the little things you may not think about can and do have a huge impact on your results!

Topics covered on these two cd’s:

  • What exactly is the goal.
  • How does it compare.
  • When is it the best option or should you use another method.
  • The Five rules of Collateral Marketing
  • Step by Step guide on how to implement it.
  • What kinds of collateral get the best results – I’ve found this extremely important my own testing and tracking showed a 25 to 1 ratio.
  • Real world studies on the effectiveness.
  • How to pick the right marketing collateral pieces.
  • How to use web sites, video and email to double your effectiveness.

CD# 4: Collateral Marketing Tips For You and Your Business!

While each of these cd’s is extreamly important this cd gives you the five basic rules you must be aware of to leverage your companies existing material.

  • Learn the difference between features and benefits.
  • How to look at your companies benefits and features from a different perspective “one of your prospects.”
  • Five rules for leveraging collateral marketing in your business.
  • What to look for in a marketing collateral piece in your own business – product or service line.
  • How to advertise your collateral to generate super qualified leads.
  • And quite a few more effective uses in different marketing areas.

While Leadersclub is a lead company, they are one of the few companies that actively not only tells you how to generate your own network marketing leads but how to effectively do it while staying in your marketing budget. Still buying leads is the most cost effective way stay active in developing your prospecting skills.

Never stop learning how to be more effective in your marketing.

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at


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