Welcome to tip number 6 – Understanding The Marketing Triangle

In Tip number two you learned that you don’t have to be a direct marketing expert to be successful in network marketing.

This doesn’t mean that marketing isn’t a factor in your success or that you don’t need any skill. Marketing is a big subject and it’s dangerous to lump all the categories into one basket.

On our website we have a free report that outlines the role of marketing in general as well as how terms like network marketing, direct marketing and even multi-level marketing are not exactly the same thing.

That said, network marketing is still marketing!

And as a method of marketing it’s subject to what we call the “marketing Triangle.”

The marketing triangle is basically a master key to marketing of any type. Once you understand these 3 factors and their interaction, you’ll be able to unlock the door to your own marketing success.

But even more importantly, you’ll understand what strategies are worth pursuing and what strategies are simply smoke and mirrors.

The marketing triangle is the interaction between your product or service, your target market and your marketing approach.

Now each of these three factors is an important subject in and of itself, but in marketing they really can’t be isolated – they don’t stand alone.

Without the other two factors a single factor is irrelevant and meaning less.

Let me explain…

You can have a great product to sell, in marketing we call this your offer.  It can be physical like a product or virtual like an idea or concept.

But regardless of what it is, unless you have a target market, an audience that wants the benefits of that product and can afford it, you won’t get very far.

And if you have the product and target market you also need to be able to effectively approach your target market.

After all, if your target market, the people most likely to respond to your offer, if they don’t know about your offer they can’t buy.

At the same time if it costs you too much to reach them, for whatever reason, it’s not profitable to do so.

So, when you get down to it, this marketing triangle explains why some ventures are successful and why some are not. And it holds true in network marketing as well.

You can use this triangle to help you evaluate everything from a company to promote to how to promote it.

You can even use it to see what makes network marketing a viable marketing method for so many companies.

Published with permission from my dear old friend Andre Vatke (President LeadersClub)

For timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at Network-Marketing-Works.com

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