What Does The News Media Have Against Network Marketing?

Just about everyday you can find a news article that trashes network marketing. The real question is why are they doing it?

Does it fall in line with the fact that they are losing market dominance in every facet of their business model? Or is it that we can no longer believe what they are reporting?

The evidence appears to be leaning in that direction. Stories that really matter are totally ignored for those that will drive visitors and ratings.

Today in the online addition of the Wall Street Journal an article titled Is Life Insurance a Rip Off appeared.

In the article the author portrays the black sheep in his industry of using inefficient and patently corrupt distribution channels like “network marketing!”

I guess the new FTC rules don’t apply here, where is the proof that it is patently corrupt and inefficient? Is it opinion or fact?

Just yesterday, in the Denver post there was an article Ponzi-scheme suspect peddling new business. I guess we are now a country that you are guilty first and then must prove your innocence.

The day before that an article in the Las Vegas Review mentions multilevel marketing again another attempt to get more readers to read the crappy story.

Then there is the issue going around of news organizations trying to sort out the details of how they can charge for reading their online content since their add revenue is falling.

I’m sure their falling ad revenue is caused by us inefficient network marketers today.

Maybe they are finally waking up to the fact that the internet has leveled the playing field and they can no longer control what is and what isn’t news worthy.

It seems like only yesterday I was reading news about the hundreds of print edition news papers going out of business they no longer could compete as their readership dried up.

And, now they find that competing in the internet age is not as easy as they once thought or where lead to believe.

Personally I find it annoying going to a large news site that uses external sources for its ad content. Nothing like watch an hour glass spinning while waiting for the ads to download.

The chief editor must surely be saying can’t we through in something about multi-level or network marketing so we can get more visitors to our site?

And, then they wonder why no one clicks on the ads!

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  • donny gamble Dec 12, 2009 @ 18:54

    Why they would do that thing? Err, they use the web also to gather such information. They must think on other ways than making such annoying ideas.

  • Glenn Dec 12, 2009 @ 19:36

    Hi Donny,

    They do it because we allow them to get away with it. Seldom if ever do any network marketers call them on the carpet for their blatant accusations.

    But, on the other hand when you look at many of the websites and blogs in network marketing today we don’t have much to stand on.

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