What Happened To Linking Websites?

Years ago, network marketing website owners having related subject matter used to link to each other. Today it is a far different story, with blogging software becoming more widespread most just use comments.

A few years ago I would receive on average at least one to two link requests each day. Now it is more like one every few months…

And, most of those are not from the website owner themselves but from a “seo guru” and it is a three-way link arrangement. Definitely a bad move!

On the other side all of the search engine web master help section will tell you, they want to see incoming links to your site.

But, if you look at most of the link pages even though they are indexed quite often, “Google for example, will not give it pagerank!”

My gut feeling is the page does have it, but they’ve chosen to hide it from our view. So while they say you need it, it appears they don’t want you to do it!

If you really think about it, having a link’s directory competes directly with the search engines by placing relevant websites in one location for visitors.

Kind of ironic isn’t it, without websites to index, search engines would look like nothing more the spammy looking link farms!

There are many varying opinions about linking, both good and bad. Yet, often the advice given is not always quite accurate, it depends on what they have to sell to us.

In July of 2008 I wrote a post “Who Do You Link Your Network Marketing Site To?” Which talked about some of the pitfalls of linking to various sites, and briefly what to look for.

Most people are reluctant to link their network marketing site to another. There is that fear of loss, losing a prospect to someone else.

The truth is; it’s going to happen anyway. Any website visitor is their for their reasons, and what we have to offer might just not be exactly what they are looking for.

The question is, should linking be apart of your overall network marketing ranking strategy?

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