What Is Your Network Marketing Customer Ratio?

Today I was having a coaching session with someone that brought to light once again the challenges that many face while building our network marketing business.

Often we let our own mind create self doubt thereby sabotaging our efforts in building our business. She was no longer calling her prospects even those she had built a connection with.

What setup this sabotage?

She had been prospecting, and in reality allowing many individuals to waste her time. You all know these prospects the ones that in reality need a friend to talk to but really have no desire in building a business.

Part of the challenge is that she was also in a business that she really had doubts about. This is a warning sign, planting seeds of self-doubt.

She had moved onto a new company that had something she was very passionate about. Isn’t this what we should be promoting in the first place?

Even though she was in this new network marketing business she still could not bring herself to once again pick up that phone and call the prospects she had built a relationship with.

Our discussion shifted to to the new company, where she indicated she’d already signed up over 20 new customers in just over a month. All I could think about is WOW!

Most network marketers don’t even sign that many up in the course of there entire network marketing career!

“Your Downline Doesn’t count in my book”

To many companies, will just tell you to recruit and get everyone on the product, that’s all you need!

Well if you don’t have any customers outside of your downline all you really have is a pyramid scheme!

So what she was doing was the right way to build a business, yet she still felt like she was failing, all because she had not sponsored anyone into her business yet.

As our discussion progressed, I explained to her my ratio of customers to downline is over 90 percent customers, 10 percent downline.

So if your reading this think about it what is your ratio? If you don’t have any personal customers or the ratio is reversed, what exactly do you have?

The truth is, it is better to sponsor only a few people that will go out there and get the job done of gathering customers. Then it is to sponsor hundreds of distributors that essentially do nothing, then quit!

Finding quality people to sponsor is tough. Marketing our products to potential customers is far easier when we know what we are doing.

Prospecting and sales to customers follow many of the same principles.

If you do nothing else take a close look at your network marketing customer ratio and improve it.

Your future downline will want to know how to do it!