What’s Really Working Today In Network Marketing!

How do we truly know what is working today in network marketing? What is often written about in advertisements etc.. is not always what it truly is.

This report and audio to the left was from a survey recently conducted. The information was supplied by your peers and competitors to get to the bottom of just what is effective.

Today more then ever we network marketers face an incredible uphill battle, on the road to success.

With the economy in a slump, record foreclosures, everyone needs more income yet the cost of just living is eating away at everything at an even faster pace.

Just yesterday I stopped and filled up at the gas station for a measly $3.39 a gallon.

All I could think of was I’m sure glad I’m in network marketing full time and not relying on working a job anymore.

I truly would have had to park my truck, with fuel at $3.90 a gallon for diesel, just how can anyone even afford to get to the job?

You can tell everyone is feeling the crunch, I get far more offers from different affiliate marketers really pushing new products out the door at a dizzying pace.

Lets face it everyone is in this slump and only those that have the know how and skills will survive intact.

When you look at Google feeling the crunch as well, with online advertising revenue dropping for the past two months.

This is a good indicator of the mood people are in. Discretionary spending is down and it will more then likely get much tougher, before it gets better.

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