What’s Your Plan For Contact Management?

While having a steady flow of network marketing leads should be your highest priority, keeping track of those prospects should also rank just as high.

Network Marketing is about relationships, tools, and systems may bring a prospect to you, it’s what you do after that really counts.

Far to many hope rely to heavily on automated follow-ups to sell what ever it is you have to offer. So how do you put the social into marketing? Well you could actually start by contacting a prospect or potential customer.

Keeping up with those whom you’ve talked with and knowing what was said requires good notes. Yet, we all know what happens to notes, they generally are never where you left them.

The best alternative to notes or a notebook is a good contact management program. These can range from online versions, open source software versions, to the various manufactures that create software specifically for this.

I was approached through much of 2008 to promote one of the newer online versions. After much though about it, I could just not bring myself to promote it. Often, I find these programs to restrictive; I cannot really customize it to fit my specific situation.

While there are many different versions, it really is a matter of your choice. When looking at a contact manager, how much support is available for it. One of the things I always look at is the support forums, usually the more active it is the better the software is.

While a very active forum may seem to indicate that it is not a good program, it does show that quite a few people use it. When you run into a problem there is a good probability that someone else has already been there and a solution is available.

When it comes to a desktop contact management program there are two that I recommend, one for Windows based computers, the other for Apple Mac’s.

When it comes to Windows I recommend what I call the cadillac of CRM systems, called Act by Sage Software. You do not need the latest version of Act; I recommend you look for one that is at least last years version.

By choosing a version that is slightly older, you will reduce your cost substantially over the latest and greatest version. This also depends on your Windows operating system. If you are running Vista, you’ll need at the minimum a 2008 Version.

If you visit my Network Marketing Training page on the main site, you’ll find on the right a series of pages that talk about setting up outlook express and Act Contact Management for Network Marketers Overview, along with some old videos on the 2004 version of ACT.

I’ve thought about doing a newer series of video’s, showing you just how far as a network marketer we can take the program, yet I’d be giving away my secrets, right?

When it comes to Apple’s computers, the options are narrower. The program I currently use is Daylite. The one thing I like about Apple computers, is the integration is awesome.

Having the ability to have all my content management information on a desktop, laptop, and the iPhone is, well lets just say this is the way it is supposed to work!

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