What’s Your Plan For Customer Retention?

This is one thing that no one can over look. In the past few months we’ve seen everyone tightening their belt as the economy continues its downward spiral.

If it is affecting everyone from airlines to Las Vegas casino operators, it surely has to be affecting you and I as well.

As many of us already know the airlines have tried to increase rates. Yet I don’t believe it worked as  well as they had planned.

Most Americans are feeling the crunch with the high fuel prices.

This has really curtailed the amount of disposable income that individuals have to both purchase products and market their business.

Many companies are running summer specials but is it enough to stem the tide of both customers and downline members from departing their organization?

More then likely the attrition will be faster then you can actively replace them. I was asked the question just the other day if someone can still make money in network marketing!

The answer to that is of course yes but today more then ever, your skills need to be at their sharpest in order to succeed.

If you’re still throwing away dollars at failed marketing campaigns it’s time to evaluate the situation. And, get the right network marketing training!

One of the things you can do today is implement tracking if your not already doing it already. Tracking can be used in so many ways to keep an eye on the bottom line.

If most of your business is conducted with local meetings, is there away to conduct the meetings online?

There are many services available today that provide reliable services for this. One that I like is called Yugma it is cross platform compatible.

By cross platform it will work on Windows, Apple or Linux operating systems, which should cover virtually everyone. I use mine to conduct training, assist members with software/computer issues etc.

When you try to explain anything to someone with a visual presentation to go with it, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

When It Comes to Our Customers:

When was the last time you sent them a postcard thanking them for their business? We have to keep in mind that they are in reality our customers not the companies.

The relationship does not end after the sale is made.

This is a mistake that so many of us make just because we do not know or understand this customer relationship. It is not just network marketers that make this mistake many major corporations make these exact same mistakes.

If your company produces alternative products that essentially do the same thing at a reduced price your customer may appreciate the information.

Thus further strengthening your relationship as your putting their needs before yours.

Above all else, you can still make a great living in network marketing, keep a positive outlook.

Above all else turn off the news everything that is occurring there is beyond our control!

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