Where Have All The Network Marketers Gone?

This past Sunday I spent several hours going through several of my websites. It has been quite some time since I’d gone through and cleaned up all of the dead links.

I was quite surprised as I got through to the end of cleaning up the links. Just seeing how many network marketers websites have simply vanished.

Many comments where only a few years old. Some of these comments where much later than that.  Yet most of these network marketers have just flat disappeared. The question is did they fail? Did they just give up and why.

This goes back to the old adage network marketing is not is easy as everyone makes it out to be. It can be very rough, very tough, and time-consuming and most don’t have the stamina.

To give you an example, almost 100% of the network marketers that left comments on network-marketing-works.com since 2008 are gone their websites links no longer go anywhere.

Of course many of these network marketers were promoting what I would call skeptical often shady types of network marketing businesses. These where brought about by Internet network marketers in the past 10 to 15 years.

The real issue today is most people are far too savvy, their attention span is severely limited. You have to grab their attention today and that makes it a difficult market to become successful in.

When you look at the number of websites out there today you just don’t find as many as you did years ago. Today everyone it seems has moved to YouTube, and for good reason.

Everybody would rather watch a network marketing video, we are only human… I mean lazy at heart. It takes energy to read something.

If you’re trying to  learn something, YouTube is a great place to do it. What YouTube really can’t teach you though is how to interact with people.

That is still a skill that you’re going to have to develop if you want to be successful today in network marketing.

Yet in order to develop that skill (prospecting) one has to have prospects to talk to. So how are you going to find prospects. It still goes back to the same old story you’re going to end up having to buy network marketing leads from somebody.

Or you can hope and pray that you can build a website, and in several years start generating your own leads! I’ll let you in on the little secret with thousands of visitors you don’t generate that many leads.

Most of the visitors to your site will be other network marketers who have no interest in your business or joining you.  They are simply looking for information to help them build their business by spying on their competition.

Yet if you have the tenacity you can be successful in network marketing, there is no doubt about. I watched far too many people simply give up because the results didn’t occur fast enough.

One interesting fact, out of all of the businesses that were more brick-and-mortar type businesses. Who where building a web presence, they were still there showing their tenacity to stick to it and succeed.


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