Where Is Your Network Marketing Rescue Plan?

This past year I essentially took the summer off from writing.

It was nice to get away from it, take a mental break, from dissecting all the garbage floating out there.

Unfortunately like most people I got wrapped up in all the political shenanigans.

You would have thought the election cycle had stopped, yet the evidence suggests it is still in full swing.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, we’ve witnessed bailout after bailout, and different sources suggest we’re far from finished.

The Wall Street Journal warned that the commercial real estate market is disintegrating, and is poised to fall apart in the second half of 2009.

When this occurs we can look forward to more people joining the ranks of the unemployed.

No doubt if you look around in your neighborhood you’ll see many of these commercial properties that are poised to failure.

For the past 10 years banks provided hundred of billions in loans.

These loans where used to develop strip malls, movie theaters, office parks, warehouses, and parking garages.

These small businesses employ quite a few individuals, who could very well be looking for a job in the coming year or two.

Many of those joining these ranks will no doubt be network marketers. Yet, we don’t even count in the eyes of the government, so we can forget looking for a helping hand for our businesses!

Don’t Count On Getting Rescued!

As an independent contractor, it is up to you to determine the best course of action for your business. No one else can do it for you, not your upline, downline, company, or just any network marketing training organization.

You can have two people start in the same year, same company, and have the same background and skills, yet it is almost guaranteed within 5 years or less there will be major differences between them.

There is pretty close to a 97% chance that one of them will be completely gone or earning less than $200 per month. What is it that will set these two individuals apart?


Knowledge is power! And yet everyone wants to sell you this knowledge, but the truth told most of this knowledge is junk, yeah that’s right total junk.

Everyday there are millions of network marketers doing the same thing you are, with the majority doing absolutely nothing.

Is it from fear or the lack of knowledge that keeps them from getting into action?

And those that are getting into action, are using a system that really does not set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

Your competition Is Everywhere!

Yet, how can you truly be different, how can you set yourself apart if you’re using the same network marketing lead generation system everyone else is, the answer is you can’t!

While you can write a different headline and text for a pay-per-click ad, or a tweet on twitter, you appear just like the other thousand individuals before you. Something that the prospect has already rejected!

So how can two people, which I mentioned above have completely different results? What is it that will make their lives in network marketing different?

Knowledge, Useful knowledge, And most important its Application.

Yet, no one can promise you, that even with the best knowledge you’ll be successful.

The most important factor in network marketing success, is not your company, not your products, it is YOU!

Success starts with a plan! Without a plan of action, you’ll never be able to set yourself apart from the crowd.

You have a choice you can be in control of your own rescue plan, start enjoying success, or you can become one of the statistics!

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