Who Do You Link Your Network Marketing Site To?

There are many factors that go into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but where should you get the most relevant information from?

The one answer I’ve always used is follow what the search engines tell you to do. You can’t go wrong when you follow their advice. One of the things they caution about is linking to link farms.

Over the past few days we’ve been getting requests for a link from a site jeffpaulreview . com when you look at the site where they would place your link you can realize that it truly is a link farm.

They indicated they’ve put a link to us in the internet marketing category, well that kind of makes sense in away since we are in network marketing and do have a strong web presence.

Yet within that page they also include links to so many things that are not even related, for example

  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Software Development
  • Dubia Real Estate
  • PBX Phone System
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Condos, Cat Gyms
  • Celtic Engagement Rings

Now what do any of those have to do with Internet Marketing? You’re right absolutely nothing yet these links are mixed in with dozens of other links that are relevant to the subject.

This is exactly what the search engines tell you not to do, yet many new web masters will fall into the trap just because it’s a link to their site. They will wonder for years why the can never be found.

When you really think about it what we are looking for is focus, just like we should be with our respective network marketing businesses. The tighter the focus the better off we’ll all be.

Over the past couple of years there has been a shift to try to game the system by taking shortcuts. If you know how to do your research and most don’t you’ll find out that what many guru’s are telling you to do will not work.

I was reading a page just the other day about how a guy got his hub page to #1 on google for a specific term. Well that is all well in good if your only competing against a couple hundred thousand pages and you do a specific search for it.

Over the years there has only been a few sources of information that I’ve come to trust, with the majority of the information not being earth shattering. Still every once in awhile along comes a golden nugget that solves a problem you may not have even known you had yet alone how to look for it and solve it.

So if your a new blogger, have your own web site really take a look at the sites your linking to from your network marketing site.