Who’s Following You Today?

With all incessant buzz over the years about social media do you really know who is following you and most importantly for what reason?

Are they hoping to find, insight, inspiration, some closely guarded secrets that you may possess?

One of my pet peeves about network marketing is: that so many spend their time trying to recruit other network marketers. Could this be the number one reason they are following you?

So it creeps me out!

When others follow me via Twitter or Facebook etc… Especially when I know that a few of them are competing for the same customer base that I am, it’s just plain creepy!

Now don’t get me wrong I want people to follow, but that nagging question creeps in, what’s the motive?

One of the most important things any business has, is its customer base. Your contact list is gold, should you give it up so readily?

Today many users of social media networks many are doing just that, just giving access freely to their customer base and downline.

Andre Vatke wrote a post today Is Network Marketing Immune From Recession? the sad fact is no company is immune from it, yet they could be giving away their customer – downline contact information in tough economic times through their social media connections, if they are not careful!

Today many network marketers are doing just that! Not everyone network marketing is ethical, just like many other industries there are news stories about them almost daily.

So its no wonder we still have this black eye and are perceived as a scam!

Every year dozens of reporters write about it, if you look careful you’ll see it is essentially a repeated article from the year before!

This will only increase thanks to the power of social media in my opinion, simply because we’ve opened up our friends, family etc… to the world.

The Hype and Buzz Behind it!

There is tremendous pressure for everyone to get on the bandwagon and embrace this new change “PR And Today’s Social Marketing Media Frenzy” most of it reminds me of the dot com bubble. There will be winners and there will be losers in this PR race.

When it comes to public relations the most important thing is the ability to listen!

Personally I like social media, yet it does not consume every waking moment of my life. Often you just have to turn it off, just like the tv, radio, e-mail, and everything else that gets in the way of building your business.

It will be very interesting to see when the marketing systems can track and project via social media the newest consumer interest. In my opinion, that is where social media will really begin to shine.

Yet getting back to the question, should we be giving away our contact information, to those we don’t know?

This blog post that was e-mailed to me last night was both funny and right to the point: what to expect if you follow me on twitter (or: how I’m going to disappoint you in 6 quick steps) you cannot follow everyone, and not everyone is worth following!

Then we get to the recommendations, I’ve had a few recommended to me and followed them for awhile, I stopped following after awhile as they where just habitual tweeters. I mean 15 to 20 tweets per hour, hour after hour gets kind of annoying.

The bottom line is a social network, in my opinion should not be used to generate leads, it is there to facilitate communications. Even if it’s done in micro posts.

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